Do Indians munched more snacks as lockdowns persisted?

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Do Indians munched more snacks as lockdowns persisted?

The Impact of Lockdown on Snacking Habits

As the lockdowns due to the pandemic persisted, it became evident that the snacking habits of Indians underwent a significant transformation. The long hours spent indoors and the inability to step out for meals resulted in more people turning towards snacks. The convenience of munching on snacks while working from home or studying online, coupled with the comfort they provide, led to an increase in their consumption. There was also a shift in the type of snacks consumed, with more people opting for healthy snacks over junk food.

Increased Demand for Snacks

The demand for snacks saw an upward trend during the lockdown. With people confined to their homes, the kitchen became a frequent destination. There was a noticeable surge in the sales of snack items, both online and offline. Supermarkets reported a spike in the sales of chips, biscuits, and other snack items, while online delivery apps saw an increase in the orders for snacks. This clearly indicates that Indians munched more on snacks as the lockdowns persisted.

Shift Towards Healthy Snacking

Interestingly, the lockdown also witnessed a shift in the snacking preferences of Indians. While the demand for traditional snack items like chips and cookies continued, there was a growing inclination towards healthier alternatives. Nutritious snacks like makhana (fox nuts), roasted chickpeas, and dried fruits saw a rise in popularity. The increased awareness about health and immunity, especially during the pandemic, led to this change in snacking habits.

Home-made Snacks: A New Trend

Another trend that emerged during the lockdown was the preference for home-made snacks. With more time at hand, and with safety being a primary concern, many Indians turned to their kitchens to prepare snacks. From baking cookies and cakes to preparing traditional Indian snacks like samosas and pakoras, home cooking saw a revival. This not only provided a healthier snacking option but also served as a fun activity to break the monotony of the lockdown.

The Role of Snacks in Stress Management

Lastly, snacks played a crucial role in managing stress during the uncertain times of the lockdown. The pandemic brought with it a wave of anxiety and fear. In such times, snacking served as a comfort food, providing a sense of familiarity and normalcy. Whether it was munching on popcorn during a movie night or savoring a bowl of ice cream, snacks helped in lifting the mood and coping with the stress of the pandemic.

In conclusion, the lockdown did lead to an increase in the consumption of snacks among Indians. However, it also brought about a shift in their snacking preferences, with a move towards healthier and home-made options. It also highlighted the role of food, especially snacks, in managing stress and bringing comfort during difficult times.

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