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These are the Menu Items that come under Appetizers with a detailed description of each.

Aloo Tikki
Seasoned potatoes fried in chick peas batter.
Chicken Pakora
Tender pieces of chicken, in batter and deep fried.
Fish Pakora
Salmon Fish dipped in chickpea batter and golden fried.
Jewel's Special Platter
Combination of Seekh Kabab, Shrimp Tandoori, Chicken Tikka Samosa, onion Bhaji and Papadum.
Jheega Pakora
Shrimp, dipped in chickpea batter and fried.
Keema Samosa
Crisp fried turnover filled with spiced (mild) ground lamb and green peas.
Onion Bhaji
Onion slices dipped in chick peas batter and deep fried to golden brown.
Fresh vegetables dipped in chickpea batter and deep-fried to a golden brown.
Vegetable Samosa
Crisp fried turnover, filled with spiced (mild) potatoes and green peas.
Vegetarian Platter
Combination of Samosa, Pakora and Papadum.
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